45000 Water Softener Novo 485HE-150

Product Overview

NSF Certified control valve with electronic sensors, adjustable cycles and proven piston, seal and spacer design. Reverse Flow regeneration preserves unused portion of softening bed from unnecessary exchange saving salt. Precision brining calculates the exact amount of brine required to regenerate saving up to 30% more salt. Automatic backwash Frequency Preset for clean municipal water saves water by matching backwash to water quality need. Soft Water brine tank refill keeps tank and injectors clean.45000 Water Softener Novo 485HE-150

Automatic system refresh flushes stagnant water after 7 days of non-use preventing bacteria growth. Soft Water recharge mode ensures soft water during unusually heavy water usage. Condensation tank jacket (8 in., 9 in. and 10 in. twin tank models). NSF Certified fibreglass pressure tank. WQA Gold Seal Certified cation resin. WQA Tested and Certified against CSA B483.1. User-friendly backlit LCD display. No Touch information display rotates key info like last regeneration date and volume remaining.

Unique bypass with integrated turbine meter saves space, eliminates connections and is more durable. Time saving quick connect fittings on bypass, drain and brine line. Power cord even has quick connect for easier installations. Drain line o-ring eliminates the need for Teflon. Brine safety valve for added overflow protection. Plastic salt grid prevents bridging (twin tank only). 48 hour self charging battery back-up. Includes hose clamp and 10 ft. of drain tubing.

  • Comes with instructions
  • Comes with bypass
  • Comes with built in meter
  • Comes with install kit



Technical Data

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